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Servicing is an essential part of ensuring your vehicle is running at its optimum level. Regular servicing also greatly reduces the chance of your vehicle developing any preventable issues.

Ignoring recommended Service intervals could also void any Warranties that your vehicle is currently under.

Your Local Service Experts

Here at Stourbridge MOT, our staff are fully trained in Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Electric vehicles. Unlike some other local companies, the training our staff have received guarantees that we are fully aware of the differences in requirements for all types of vehicle. The high grade training also means that we carry out all our work following all the correct staff safety procedures and Warranty procedures, most notably in regards to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

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Your Service Requirement

As Mentioned, Servicing between the various types of vehicle differ from each other. Click one of the following links to find out more about your car, including Service options, what is included and Pricing.






When booked with a Full Service

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