Air Con Service -

£45.00 plus gas value

Stourbridge MOT air Conditioning
Stourbridge MOT air Conditioning

Stourbridge MOT carry out Air Con service, servicing, re-gas, recharge and repairs

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There are two types of gas that are used by car air con systems..


R-134a has been around since the early 1990's and R_1234YF started to be used in 2012 before being used in ALL cars from 2017.


The price of these refrigerant gasses have have shot up in price at an incredible rate since 2017. It is the same for everyone in the industry as we are now paying suppliers 5 times the price of what we were paying for bottled refrigerant just a few years ago. So unfortunately the days of cheap regassing of your air con have passed.

Here is our pricing guide for the two types of gas. Both gases are £45.00 plus the following additional charge (it is worth noting that most cars require 500g  of gas):

R_134a - £3.00 per 100g of gas

R-1234a - £15.00 per 100g of gas

To Recharge (re-gas) and Service your Air Con System, we will check for leaks, recharge your refrigerant, replenish the system's oil and remove all moisture and air. We also check the compressor, belts and hoses etc.

Here are some facts about your Air Con System....

  1. Car manufacturers suggest that you service and recharge your Air Con System approximately every 2 years.

  2. Servicing and recharging of your Air Con system is NOT included in a regular car service

  3. A fully charged Air Con System REDUCES fuel consumption

If you have any questions in regards to your car's air conditioning system, please complete a contact form by clicking here or by calling us on 01384 375671.