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Servicing - Electric Vehicles

Our staff are fully qualified in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle system Repair and Replacement, meaning we are experts when it comes to E.V Servicing. 

Also, As a member of the GOOD GARAGE SCHEME, we follow an independant service sheet to give our customers clarity, peace of mind and exceptional value.

Electric Vehicle Annual Service -  £240.00

Our Electric Vehicle Annual Service is a full Inspection of your vehicle and will ensure that your car is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty. All the major areas checked include the electric motor(s), battery pack, high-voltage electric cabling, suspension, brakes, steering, wheels, tyres and lights.


Included in this Service is an Air Con Service which is ESSENTIAL every 12 months as this is what heats and cools the battery to maintain optimum efficiency and performance whilst also maintaining longevity of the battery module

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When booked with a Full Service

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